Teacher Tested Ed Tech Back to School Tips: Perfect for Your Classroom

As you start to prepare for the next school year, I encourage you to start reflecting on what practices you used the previous year, or even years, that made an impact on your students.  Now that you have those practices in mind, think about how educational technology could compliment or even enhance those practices for your students as we go back to school.

Here are a few examples of how I was able to use technology to enhance my student’s experiences:​

Cute classmates looking at laptop in classroom when back to school

Speaking & Listening:

Use kid-friendly podcasts, such as Listenwise or these other Common Sense Media approved sites.  The text-to-speech option in ReadWorks is also a great free option when preparing for state assessments.  Check out my previous article for details on how I instructed my student using this resource.


I didn’t always have the hands on tools/manipulatives that my students needed to fully grasp math concepts.  There are a multitude of online tools that will do that for you.  Mathplayground has a fantastic protractor practice game. It allows students to manipulate a digital protractor and learn how to measure angles.  I loved using it in my 4th grade class.


It isn’t always easy for students to grasp scientific concepts when they are only explained verbally.  PhET Interactive Simulators is top notch at providing the visuals students of all age levels need to supplement the verbal explanations.  They also recently added Math simulations to their large number of Science simulations. 


Wakelet allows teachers and students to create a collection of digital content.  It’s an easy way for students to keep track of and cite all of their research in one location.  It also allows teachers to create collections of specific topics or ideas and easy share them with their students.

Google Slides:

Google Slides is an excellent program that can be used to create interactive games for even the youngest students.  Check out my ELA and Math interactive Google Slides activities here.

I could easy keep going with ways that educational technology could enhance our students’ experiences, however I’d love to hear your ideas too.  Please share in the comment section below.

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