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Each month, a product from my Teachers Pay Teachers store will be featured below. All site visitors have the opportunity to win a copy of the featured product by entering the monthly featured product giveaway. Don’t forget to subscribe to access exclusive subscriber-only freebies as well.

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Featured Product: January 2023

Ready to Use: Cursive Practice Packet (English Alphabet)

This easy to use cursive practice packet is a perfect addition to your students’ handwriting practice. It includes:

  • 4 page alphabet practice mini packet
  • 26 page alphabet practice pages
  • Clear instructions for the correct format

It can be used as a daily packet or individual worksheets. Students who have touchscreen laptops/tablets can use Kami with this PDF to practice cursive digitally.

Previously Featured Products:

December 2022

Winter Holiday Thank You Cards from the Teacher

As a busy teacher, I often run out of time to write individual thank you notes to my students for their generous gifts before winter break. These pre-made Winter Holiday Thank You cards are a great one-time purchase that can be used year after year.  They are perfect for encouraging your students on this fun day!

Check out this video to see how easy it is to use the cards.