Time-Saving Educational Technology Tips & Tricks

I recently had the privilege to speak to a group of new teachers about tips and strategies that are time-saving during distance teaching.  Within the presentation, entitled Time Saving Ed Tech Tips, I focused on six different areas that have saved me time over the years.

G Suite Program Tips

  • Google Classroom has a review page that can be used to organize the assignments you’ve graded from those that still need grading.
  • By adding links to sites and/or presentations within your lesson plans in Google Docs you can save time from having to find the website or document again.
  • The starred option in Google Drive allows you to quickly place all of your favorite files into an easy-to-access folder on the home page.  I often star and unstar files, as needed.
  • By creating canned responses in Gmail you can quickly respond to the same inquiry without having to retype responses.

Auto Grading Programs

  • EdPuzzle is a great program that provides an opportunity for students to watch assigned videos and answer multiple choice or short-answer questions.  Not only is it engaging for students, it will also auto-grade the multiple choice questions.  And it’s FREE (or you can purchase a monthly subscription)!
  • Google Forms is another great program that allows teachers to create online quizzes, checks for understanding, surveys, etc.  Besides questions, teachers are able to add images and videos to the document.  In addition, it auto grades multiple types of questions (multiple choice, drop-down, short answer, etc.).


Kami is one of my FAVORITE new Ed Tech finds.  It provides an easy way to leave feedback for students.  Teachers can save hours of time since it takes away the need to upload images on Google Slides and add text boxes. Students also love the engagement opportunities.  There is a free version and paid version.  The free version has most of the features teachers need.

Digital Whiteboard

Jamboard and Whiteboard.fi can both be used as digital whiteboards.  If you use Google Meet, then Jamboard is your best choice since it integrates smoothly.

Chrome Extensions

Beg, Borrow, Steal

No, I’m not advocating for larceny.  Use pre-created templates (Ditch that Textbook and Black Gold Regional School Division), reuse what other teachers have already created, and don’t be afraid to ask for help and work with others.  You don’t have to do this alone!

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