Ed Tech: So Many Options, How do You Choose?

30 years ago, when I started attending elementary school, there weren’t many options for Educational Technology (Ed Tech).  I don’t actually remember using computers until the 4th grade.  Now, teachers are overwhelmed with so many different options for what their students can use in the classroom.  How do educators choose?

There are two main questions educators need to ask themselves before deciding which Ed Tech options to use:

  1. Does it meet the learning needs of my students?
  2. Will it enhance the learning experience/understanding of my students?
Man thinking through process to decide Ed Tech options...Ask questions, think about answers, come up with solution, execute.

There are so many Ed Tech options that accomplish almost the same learning goals/needs.  However, by understanding how each program or device works, educators can choose the one the truly meets their needs and will enhance the learning and understanding of their students. 

As an example, FlipGrid has many of the same features as Seesaw.  However, the look of the Seesaw website/app is much more geared to younger students, while the look of FlipGrid can be used across a much broader range of grade levels.  Students in 9th grade would not have their learning enhanced using Seesaw, while students in 2nd grade would.

By answering these two questions, educators can choose the right Ed Tech option that meets the learning needs of their students AND enhances student learning experiences/understanding.

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